Leisure activities, relaxing events and walks for everyone


There is something ressuring about Alpacas and Lamas - just right to escape everyday stress and relax.


Outdoor fun with the Andean Camels:

Going for a walk

Birthday events

Afternoon events for children

Events with a personal touch



For teams, managers, families, children, single-persons, the newly in love, etc.



These are some examples:


Ca. 3 hours
including refreshments (grilled sausage,

bread on a stick, drink)

Ca. 2 hours


Ca. 1 hour



     Of course, I can also make your own programme according to your wishes.



Lamas/Alpacas delight young and old by their elegant appearance, their curious attitude and their calm character. They bring pleasure as an animal for breeding, therapy, trekking, agricultural livestock and even hobby. In South America, lamas are also used as shepherds to watch flocks of sheep. When the herd moves, the lama takes the lead, walks among the sheep or is the tail-light. If pumas or coyotes pose a risk, the lama lets out a cry of alarm in order to warn the flock of sheep and goes for the aggressor straight away. It tries to make the enemy flee by spitting at and kicking it. Spitting in general is an expression of ranking. Lamas/Alpacas only spit at people when they feel threatened. Among the herd, they communicate through a certain type of humming as well as through their posture, in particularly through the position of their ears and their tail.


Are you curious to experience the fascination of these animals in real?